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For the last few months, the current Looter in Chief has been telling us that low taxes which let people keep and spend more of their own money is somehow “giving” money to the “rich,” and that only government can create jobs by spending trillions of dollars it doesn’t have but plans to steal from the “rich” later. So how are they spending the “stimulus” money which they claim is supposed to help “main street” instead of the eeevil, rich corporations? Well, it appears that a few billion will be going to help Microsoft build a bridge connecting two of their parking lots.


Or, in other words corporations making jobs = “trickle down” economics and “failed policy.” Raising taxes and creating a Federal Ponzi scheme where the money is filtered through the pockets of politicians, bureaucrats, and lobbyists to accomplish the exact same thing = “Change You can Believe in!”

Can someone explain to me the difference between Bernie Madoff and President Obama? I mean, aside from the fact that Madoff’s victims willingly gave him money but the taxpayers are coerced at gun point..

Weapons of Mass Confusion

SayUncle blogged that nobody seems to know what kind of weapons were used in the Alabama shooting. Some are saying fully automatic rifles were involved. Others are saying semiautomatic. One source said it looked like an AK-47, but that it “could have been an M-16.” How one can possibly confuse the two is mind boggling.

But, yea, despite (or perhaps because of) the confusion, the Brady Campaign to Promote Gun Myths couldn’t resist dancing in the blood and spreading disinformation. And once again, they’re lying about the SKS being an “assault rifle.” No matter how many times they say it, it’s still a lie. And are they seriously implying that a “38 caliber handgun” is a “military-style semiautomatic assault weapon” now too?

More Mexican “Assault Weapon” PSH

Looks like CBS couldn’t resist jumping on the Mexican “assault weapon” banwagon.

“Half of what we seize, 55 percent are assault rifles. And this is what gives these groups this intimidation power. Over 17,000 assault rifles, throughout the last two years. Two thousand and 200 grenades, missile and rocket launchers. Fifty caliber sniper rifles,” the attorney general explained.

I must be going to the wrong damned American gun shows or something, as there’s never any missile launchers laying around..

But, yea, even though Pelosi and Reid have said no to a new AWB, and the Senate added an amendment to another law which overturns DC’s gun laws, I still think they’ll try to slip a new AWB by later. The reason? It seems odd to me that Carolyn “Shoulder Thing That Goes Up” McCarthy hasn’t submitted a new one by now. Isn’t that usually like the first (and only) thing she ever does? If I were a betting man, I’d wager that they’re waiting for some event (some cartel shooting up an American town, for instance) which they can use to bludgeon opposition in the House and Senate.

Let me get this straight

There’s a war going on south of the border involving vast, criminal organizations who seek to control the trade of drugs which are completely illegal in the United States. Said organizations are “employing automatic weapons and grenades” which are practically illegal in the United States. But the rocket scientists in the Obama administration think the solution is to ban certain cosmetic, ergonomic, and safety features on semi-automatic rifles?

Seeing as the cartels already ignore the bans on smuggling, drugs, grenades, machine guns, assassination, and mass murder, why exactly are they going to obey this ban? And, err, how exactly would that even change anything when they’re already using automatic weapons and grenades which have nothing to do with the proposed ban? Isn’t that a bit like banning attack hamsters in order to prevent vicious dog bites?

And why is the guy who just called us all cowards so eager to surrender one of our Constitutional rights because of gangsters in another country..

Via Sebastian.

A Nation of Cowards?

In a speech today before his henchmen at the DOJ today, our illustrious Attorney General said the United States is a “nation of cowards” because we won’t talk about race or something. This is quite rich coming from a guy who helped send (and cover up for) other people to die and kill because he soils his pants at the thought of guns in private hands. Or helping to send (and cover up for) a heavily armed tactical team to kidnap a seven year old in order to ship him off to be a propaganda tool for Castro. Or, well, you get the picture.

If Holder really wants to talk about race, he should start by explaining why he’s so fanatical about pushing an anti-gun agenda based on Jim Crow, slave codes, and Nazi laws. However, like most of his radical friends, he’s probably more interested in bleating about “feelings” than having any serious discussion involving facts and reason. Were we to have an honest, non-sugar-coated discussion here, one might argue that Holder is nothing but an Uncle Tom.

But that would be sinking to their level. Oops.

They Won’t Ban Your Shotgun

They’ll call it a “12-caliber gun that can pump four bullets with each squeeze of the trigger” first. At the same time they expect you to believe that “nobody wants to keep you out of the deer woods.” Though I suppose you could still go into whatever the hell “deer woods” are with an assault branch pointed stick..

Hope and Change!

It would appear that NY Governor Patterson has picked a gun loving, tax hating, Blue Dog to replace Hillary in the Senate. And Carolyn “Shoulder Thing That Goes Up” McCarthy is pissed! I’m not sure if this is what President Obama had in mind, but it’s the kind of Change that gives me Hope.

While I generally disagree with even the Blue Dog Dems (and most Republicans for that matter) on Federal intervention into other areas outside of their Constitutional powers, I don’t mind politely discussing things with them as long as they’re not trying to disarm us so they can force it down our throat. So, yea, more Dems like this please.

Another Missed Lobby Day

So, yea, I was hoping to break my self-imposed political hibernation a day early and head up to Richmond for the VCDL Lobby Day. But once again, I was stuck at work, and there’s no real way to call in “sick” in my position. It almost makes me envy the loser neo-hippies who can wander off to protest whatever silly thing is annoying them at the drop of a hat.


It will be nice if the assembly passes the preemption upgrade and repeals the restaurant carry ban. Especially since I work in one of the cities which prompted the need for HB 1655, and basically every eating establishment surrounding the job sells alcohol. But, then, I suppose I should be telling my delegate this right now instead of posting it on the internets.

Anyhow, Change is coming tomorrow, so I’m off to hide in a hole again until the innaugural fluff storm passes.