Recursive Irony

A long time ago, Glenn Beck did a segment where he criticized GTA for promoting violence. Now he’s being blamed for the Pittsburgh loon, and bizarro finger-pointing ensues over at GamePolitics.

The funny part is how so many of the moonbat commenters over there seem to be frothing at the chance to get payback of some sort against the eeeeevil conservatives who try to take their toys. This, despite the fact that roughly four out of five politicians who support game censorship are so-called liberal Democrats. In fact, it’s quite amazing how the left has pushed the whole Republican = censor meme while they’re the ones who were behind 95% of the failed laws.

But, then, like most things with the left these days, they’re probably just projecting their own neurosis onto others.

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#1 DirtCrashr on 04.16.09 at 12:03 pm

Trying to read that leaves me gasping for air AND logic.