..on the bright side

While it’s obviously a bit of a downer that the Former Republic is now officially a fascist* state, just think of the epic lulz to be had in four years when the mandate kicks in, and all the college kids who supported Obama realize that “increased access” to health care really means they have to buy insurance.

At gunpoint.

From the very insurance companies Obama, Pelosi, and fiends have spent the last few years denouncing as pure eeeeevil.

Why, the collective shrieks of “where’s my unicorn?!1” alone will almost be worth it.

It will be even more amusing if the reconciliation package passes the Senate with the Federal takeover of college loans intact. Should the Feds start handing them out like candy as they did with mortgages through their proxies at Fanny and Freddy, the young O-bots will be lucky to get a job delivering pizzas with their soon-to-be worthless degrees. Which, in turn, will make the mandatory insurance even more painful for them.

*Fascism, properly understood, is essentially a “Third Way” between capitalism and socialism where the state and the corporations (in this case the insurance and drug companies) form a symbiotic oligarchy. So, no, I’m not using the term as generic hyperbole.

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#1 DirtCrashr on 04.13.10 at 2:34 pm

And they will have to buy a Loan from the Government to finish College, who will then tell them what their Major will be – or if they’re in Med-School their specialty and where they will do their Residency and work after College, just like they do in Cuba.