More Mexican “Assault Weapon” PSH

Looks like CBS couldn’t resist jumping on the Mexican “assault weapon” banwagon.

“Half of what we seize, 55 percent are assault rifles. And this is what gives these groups this intimidation power. Over 17,000 assault rifles, throughout the last two years. Two thousand and 200 grenades, missile and rocket launchers. Fifty caliber sniper rifles,” the attorney general explained.

I must be going to the wrong damned American gun shows or something, as there’s never any missile launchers laying around..

But, yea, even though Pelosi and Reid have said no to a new AWB, and the Senate added an amendment to another law which overturns DC’s gun laws, I still think they’ll try to slip a new AWB by later. The reason? It seems odd to me that Carolyn “Shoulder Thing That Goes Up” McCarthy hasn’t submitted a new one by now. Isn’t that usually like the first (and only) thing she ever does? If I were a betting man, I’d wager that they’re waiting for some event (some cartel shooting up an American town, for instance) which they can use to bludgeon opposition in the House and Senate.