A Nation of Cowards?

In a speech today before his henchmen at the DOJ today, our illustrious Attorney General said the United States is a “nation of cowards” because we won’t talk about race or something. This is quite rich coming from a guy who helped send (and cover up for) other people to die and kill because he soils his pants at the thought of guns in private hands. Or helping to send (and cover up for) a heavily armed tactical team to kidnap a seven year old in order to ship him off to be a propaganda tool for Castro. Or, well, you get the picture.

If Holder really wants to talk about race, he should start by explaining why he’s so fanatical about pushing an anti-gun agenda based on Jim Crow, slave codes, and Nazi laws. However, like most of his radical friends, he’s probably more interested in bleating about “feelings” than having any serious discussion involving facts and reason. Were we to have an honest, non-sugar-coated discussion here, one might argue that Holder is nothing but an Uncle Tom.

But that would be sinking to their level. Oops.