Let me get this straight

There’s a war going on south of the border involving vast, criminal organizations who seek to control the trade of drugs which are completely illegal in the United States. Said organizations are “employing automatic weapons and grenades” which are practically illegal in the United States. But the rocket scientists in the Obama administration think the solution is to ban certain cosmetic, ergonomic, and safety features on semi-automatic rifles?

Seeing as the cartels already ignore the bans on smuggling, drugs, grenades, machine guns, assassination, and mass murder, why exactly are they going to obey this ban? And, err, how exactly would that even change anything when they’re already using automatic weapons and grenades which have nothing to do with the proposed ban? Isn’t that a bit like banning attack hamsters in order to prevent vicious dog bites?

And why is the guy who just called us all cowards so eager to surrender one of our Constitutional rights because of gangsters in another country..

Via Sebastian.