Mass Pretend Mayhem

Sebastian has a new report about “assault weapons” from the desperate fools over at the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Ownership. At 64 pages long, it looks like they probably spent a lot of time and diminishing funds to come up with it. As such, it’s almost too bad that it’s easy to expose them as lying frauds simply by using two pictures.

Aww, who am I kidding? It’s hilarious.

  • Assault Weapons Have No Sporting or Self-Defense Purpose
  • Assault weapons have distinct features that separate them from sporting firearms.
  • They are uniquely military features, with no sporting purpose
  • You will not find these guns in a duck blind or at the Olympics.
  • [and 26 other mentions of sports]

No sporting purpose? Never find them in the Olympics? O RLY?

Olympic target pistol

See the magazine outside of the grip? That makes this Olympic target pistol into a spooky “assault weapon.” The frame might even count as a shoulder thing that goes up Barrel Shroud of Doomâ„¢ since it’s not all part of the slide..

Throughout the report, they list a bunch of crimes where “assault weapons” or “assault rifles” were involved. About a dozen of which name the SKS. Overall, the SKS is mentioned 23 times. In case you live on the moon, or have otherwise never seen one, here is what the SKS looks like:


From the factory, they are not equipped with detachable magazines, pistol grips, folding stocks, or flash hiders. For that matter, the integral mag only hold ten rounds. About the only thing “assault-ish” about it is the little metal square thingy near the muzzle which a bayonet can attach to. However, without a detachable magazine and one more eeeevil feature, even that doesn’t make it qualify under the expired, political definition of an “assault weapon.”

Furthermore, being that the SKS is neither designed to fire in full auto mode, nor a copy of something that was, it doesn’t remotely qualify as an “assault rifle” either.

Seems like one of these days they would stop parading out lies which have been debunked a brazillionty times. But if they want to continue to provide us with an endless source of pointing and laughing, who am I to complain?