Another Missed Lobby Day

So, yea, I was hoping to break my self-imposed political hibernation a day early and head up to Richmond for the VCDL Lobby Day. But once again, I was stuck at work, and there’s no real way to call in “sick” in my position. It almost makes me envy the loser neo-hippies who can wander off to protest whatever silly thing is annoying them at the drop of a hat.


It will be nice if the assembly passes the preemption upgrade and repeals the restaurant carry ban. Especially since I work in one of the cities which prompted the need for HB 1655, and basically every eating establishment surrounding the job sells alcohol. But, then, I suppose I should be telling my delegate this right now instead of posting it on the internets.

Anyhow, Change is coming tomorrow, so I’m off to hide in a hole again until the innaugural fluff storm passes.