Irony Alert

Via The Liberty Sphere comes this piece about the “fairness doctrine” by my old pal Jack Thompson. It’s actually a pretty good article detailing how the incoming administration might hide “fairness doctrine” flavored censorship behind buzzwords like “localism” and “diversity.” That said, I nearly fell out of my chair laughing at the opening sentence.

Get ready for an unprecedented government assault upon the First Amendment.

This, coming from Jack Thompson? The man who considered it a “badge of honor” to be called Censor of the Year back in ’92? The man who has spent the last nine years trying to have games like America’s Army, Halo, and GTA censored/banned because they somehow “train” people to use guns? But now he decides to care about the First Amendment after attempting to sell Hillary and friends the rope to hang us with?

Words fail me.

But I guess Obama putting the Clintons back in charge of the White House may have been something of a wake-up call for him. Should be interesting to see how he handles fighting alongside us “libertarian thugs” instead of against us. Now that would be Change You Can Believe In When You See It™!