Divided We Fall

Prags v. 3 Percenters, round eleventy bazillion.

I don’t get why some people feel this must be an either/or situation. I write letters to representatives and bureaucrats, am in the NRA, donated more than I could afford at the time to help pay for Heller briefs, etc.. like a good “prag.” If, however, the enemy redraws the line behind us, I will peacefully refuse to comply. Up until they initiate force against us..

Just as Mr. Vanderboegh has emphasized with his “No Fort Sumters” guideline.

If we ever get to the point where mass confiscations– or merely mass arrests for owning previously legal arms — begin to happen, public support will be the least of our worries. Though it seems unlikely to me that the general public would have the stomach for the government killing, say, a million of us. Or even a thousand for that matter. Yes, we may scare the proverbial white people now, but when the anti-gunners’ collective mask comes off and the boot steps on our necks, public support/sympathy will almost surely grow.

If only because some of them begin to realize they might be next.

But, yea, being that I do “pragmatic” things, I obviously don’t fault the “prags” for doing them too. It just puzzles me when they spend so much energy criticizing their own side for being too scary or whatever (especially when they attribute threats of starting a war to people only promoting defensive action). I don’t think anyone is saying political action is cowardly in and of itself. Just that it’s a bit low to throw others under the bus for daring to speak of what may happen if political action fails.

The Second Amendment isn’t about hunting, sport, or even just stopping burglars. It’s about armed resistance to tyranny. If we keep verbally ceding that ground to the enemy, we will lose the argument. Sorta like how we almost lost the self defense card before the (re)birth of the modern shall-issue CCW and castle doctrine wave.

Besides, seeing as a few Federal judges have mentioned the whole armed resistance thing in opinions and dissents, it’s a bit late now to go trying to shove the cat back into the bag held by the elephant in the middle of the room. 😉

Anyhow, like I said a few months ago, the Brady types are going to use anything we say or do (or don’t) out of context to fear monger, so there’s no point fighting amongst ourselves.