Hurry Up and Wait

I went to vote around 11am today, and only had to wait in line inside the building for like an hour. Seemed like a long time until reading about some of the lines in other districts nearby. Some of which were outside in the rain. Sucks to be them.

But, yea, voting for John McCampaignFinanceReform made me feel kinda.. dirty, so I headed down to the fun shop after lunch and picked up some more zombie repellent to cheer me up. Traffic on the way there was bad due to some car being flipped over. In the middle of a rather straight street, and coincidentally right in front of another polling place. Weird..

Sadly, they were out of PMAGs and the selection of 7.62 was limited, so I didn’t get much. But the visit to the store was amusing by itself. Guy who was there before me had about a dozen AR mags on the counter. I just had the three for the Kalashnicopy and three for the AR. Then a third guy walked in, laughed, and asked jokingly why we were both wearing “I voted” stickers and shopping for thirty round mags. He had a sticker too, and was apparently there looking for a new EBR.

An now for the fun part of election day: waiting for poll results.