After being stuck working pretty much every day for what seems like forever, I finally got a chance to go to the range today. To make things even more interesting, they’ve got a new rental toy behind the counter: a KRISS Vector SBR/SO. Being a sucker for plastic space guns, I just had to try the thing out once my supply of 9mm ammo was depleted.

One box of .45ACP (which is always like twice as expensive at a range..), a rental fee, and a few minutes of loading later, I released the bolt, flicked off the saftey, pressed the trigger, and.. nothing happened. Not even a click. The trigger just kind of went mushy.

So, yea, I cleared it and summoned the range master to figure out WTF was going on. Given how weird the thing is, maybe it was just a simple user error on my part? Nope. No such luck. Upon taking it back to the counter and stripping it, the range guy found that a post in the receiver which the trigger spring attaches to had apparently broken off the last time someone rented it.

I dunno how old it is since they might have bought it used or had it at their other range on my previous trips. But even so, it’s not encouraging that a vital piece would just break off like that from normal use at an indoor range. Especially since it doesn’t seem like it would get a whole lot of attention with such short lanes.

Oh well. At least it wasn’t a total loss. I got a card for a free rental out of the deal and ended up feeding the expensive box of .45 through one of their 1911s too. Which reminds me I really need to buy a 1911 one of these days.

There’s probably some irony in there somewhere..