Red Kool Aid, an Acquired Taste

Generally speaking, one shouldn’t expect much from a political debate on a gaming site. Yet I was still dumbfounded when someone posted this video with the text “Matt Damon speaks out on Palin,” as if that means something. Since it’s late and I’m too lazy to reiterate my response, I’ll just quote myself.


Thanks for posting that.

You know, I was almost ready to hold my nose, cast a Quixotic protest vote for Barr/Root even though Barr’s record before switching parties is about as libertarian as Ghengis Khan, but after seeing Matt Damon– who, despite making more money in five minutes than I’ve seen in a lifetime, still trembles at the alter of the nanny state for protection; and whose entire adult life has been spent in the bubble of Hollywood, far removed from the real world, thus making him nearly as much of an expert on politics as my cat is qualified to perform neurosurgery –go into such a breathless display of pants-shitting hysteria over Palin, I’ve changed my mind.

At best, the fact he’s so terrified of the ticket means they’re doing something right. At worst, well, at least I’ll be canceling out this useful idiot’s vote.

And, yes, in case any of my (maybe six?) readers haven’t noticed yet, I do enjoy run-on sentences.

But, seriously, the McCain/Palin ticket is starting to sound better and better every day. While I don’t trust McCain after the whole “campaign finance reform” thing or his rambling about imaginary “gun show loopholes,” the next POTUS will get to nominate two or three Supreme Court Justices. Even if he only gets that half right, and we get one more Thomas or Alito, there might be a shot at reigning in the magical Interstate Commerce clause. If that could be rolled back far enough, McCain’s own Justices could very well limit any damage he could do.