Spoke Too Soon Part 897634287623

Damn. I really need to stop underestimating the insanity of the nutroots..

At first it looked like they were taking the high road on the Palin baby-swap conspiracy because the first links on the subject disappeared. But, alas, it seems that the conspiracy has gone mainstream (for lack of a better word..) at DKos. And expanded to other nutroot bloggers. Better yet, after popping it into googlenews, it looks like the left is fighting each other over it.

And where is The One in all of this? Isn’t he supposed to be a different kind of politician who’s above dirt like this? Shouldn’t he be telling his minions to stop it?

But, yea, I’m just glad there’s a popcorn machine at work. Gonna need lots of that while watching these so-called “tolerant” “progressives” from the “reality based community” unleash a hateful, sexist, smear campaign wrapped in a dozen layers of tinfoil!