And in the Red Corner..

McCain picked Sarah Palin for his VP slot. I’ve been guessing for weeks now that she’d get the nod. Probably should have posted my prediction to win internet points.

But, yea, it looks like I spoke too soon about speaking too soon about the Democrats’ gamesmanship yesterday. They don’t seem to know how to react to the news.

The Obama camp’s first reaction was to attack her via press release. Then a few hours later, Obama sorta-kinda retracted it, congratulated her, and made a half-assed attempt at apologizing. Like Rezko, Wright, and Snuffy before this, perhaps those ‘weren’t the campaign staffers he knew’

One has to wonder though; does he thinks he’ll get do-overs if he has to react to a national emergency in the White House? Between throwing associates under the bus after defending them or sending out multiple statements in response to the Russia/Georgia situation, the pattern developing here isn’t very reassuring. I mean, really, do we want someone with this kind of “hair-trigger” holding the Nuclear Football?

Well, someone else, rather, as that sounds an awful like the “cowboy diplomacy” complaints we hear about Bush.

It’s also amusing that Obama, of all people (and the media, pundits, and his surrogates) are criticizing Palin’s lack of experience now. Why, with the way they walked right into that, it’s almost like they’re in panic mode..

In other news, the Kos Kiddies are apparently developing some elaborate conspiracy theory that her son is actually her daughter’s based on some Google thumbnail picture or something. I would imagine that Karl Rove, Blackwater, and/or a time machine are involved somehow, but apparently the moderators over there are deleting the posts as they appear. You know you’re unhinged when even Kos rejects you.

Now if only McCain wasn’t at the top of the ticket. Meh. Oh well, at least the campaign will be fun to watch.