DNC Train Wreck

Usually the political conventions are the opening salvo of the general election where the Republicrats tell you what they stand for and begin to explain to non-political-junkies just why anyone should vote for their party. So what have we learned from the Democrats at the halfway point?

Nothing really.

Day one was a bunch of emotive tripe and cliches. About the biggest revelation was that Michelle Obama memorized every episode of the Brady Bunch. Which means the Obama family are just like You and Me™. Or something.


During day two, we learned that McCain is exactly like Bush because he voted against the Bush/Cheney energy bill which Obama voted for. I’m still not sure how that works. If anything, shouldn’t that mean Obama is the one who is more like Bush? They also tried linking McCain to Bush with the claims that McCain wants to stay in Iraq for a brazillionty years. Even though the Bush team is working on a deal to have all US forces out of Iraq within the next three years.

Perhaps they should stop patting each other on the back for five minutes and pick up a newspaper or something..

Sprinkled in between a bunch of really tired jokes about McCain’s houses, there was a parade of Democrats telling us how doing the exact opposite of what Obama wants to do works, therefore we should vote for him.

Some of them talked about how they’ve advanced alternative energy at the State and local level without Federal mandate (so why do you need Obama to mandate it?!). The Governor of Montana talked about the greatness of low taxes on business (Obama wants to raise the corporate and capital gains tax rates) and digging for coal/oil (Obama wants to eliminate fossil fuels within 10 years somehow, and block all new mines and drilling). Most of the speakers rambled on about how they got where they are by hard work and self-sacrifice, but think you should vote for Obama to get all that for “free” from the government without all the hard work and self-sacrifice they just got done praising.

The highlight of day two was a speech by Hillary Clinton which didn’t so much explain why anyone should vote for Obama as it did talk about how women can do anything they put their mind to.

Anything, that is, except win an election.

In other news, it appears that they’ve constructed a miniature Greek temple for The One to give his acceptance speech from..

It’s a shame that the Republicans just had to go and run McCain this year. The thought of him winning kinda takes the fun out of watching the spectacular fail the Democrats are grasping at.