The Supreme Court finally issued their opinion in Heller v. DC, and the ban is overturned! Scalia’s opinion is pretty solid, though some of the dicta about what might be “reasonable” is kind of troubling. But, then, all of that would be decided in later cases, and at least now we have our foot in the door. Word on the street is that suits are being filed in Chicago and NYC tomorrow.

Equally troubling is the fact that four of the Justices dissented from a Constitutional right just because they don’t like the outcome. They rambled on a bit about the meaning of “to,” pretty much lied about the filings/holding in Miller, and, most bizarrely, said that the right to assemble and petition the government are collective in the same sense they think the Second is. And here I was thinking I was joking when I wrote this.

And all that was only like ten pages into the dissent. I had to take a break before my brain exploded..

(Oh, yea, speaking of breaks, between losing internet for a week, nervously waiting for this decision, and general business, it seems I haven’t blogged in a month now. Feels like I haven’t slept in half as long for that matter.)