Escape from New York

I’m not sure how many of my (maybe five) readers don’t follow the news on GTA IV, but last week I had the opportunity to fly to NYC for a pre-launch party with some other webmasters. I’ve been back in Virginia since Wednesday night, but just haven’t had the time and/or motivation to blog since then. While the party and the game were tons of fun, it was still nice to get back here and “cling to my guns” which couldn’t come along for the trip into victim-disarmament land.

And after checking out the other blogs, David Codrea has two pieces which made me extra happy to be home..

First up, it appears that the day after I left, Emperor Bloomberg unveiled his new “Hercules Teams” which will patrol the subways and stuff in full SWAT gear. If the idea of heavily militarized police doing daily patrols in what is supposed to be an American city doesn’t bother you enough, well, just take a look at this screen capture from the news report Mr. C. is talking about.

a violation of all four rules

Yep. That’s right. Dark Helmet there is sweeping a dozen or so people with the muzzle of a select-fire M4 as he walks past. With his finger on the trigger. If that’s the kind of gun safety they see from the police in NYC, I almost understand why it’s filled with so many hoplophobes now..

Next up came this news from earlier today that race-card-poker champion Al Sharpton led a huge protest over the acquittal of the three detectives who shot the unarmed Sean Bell. While I actually agree with him that the shooting was dodgy, I don’t think my brain could have withstood being in such close proximity to the aura of cognitive dissonance which this man emits.

As I’ve said before, Sharpton has always been at the forefront of demanding slave code and Nazi-based laws which would make police the Only Ones with guns. Yet every single time these laws (predictably) backfire, he acts all surprised. Go figure.