Lashing Out

So, yea, we now know Obama thinks people in small towns in Pennsylvania are a bunch of racist, gun-nuts and religious zealots, but what do his cult members think?

Jeffery Toobin says Obama’s statement is “factually accurate” and that small town America is “lashing out” because the government won’t take care of them or something. So not only does he apparently agree that flyover country is filled with crazy hicks, he thinks of them like a bunch of petulant children having a temper tantrum as well.

Jack Cafferty follows him up by comparing small town America to “al Qaeda training camps.” So on top of being bitter, racist, Bible-thumping, gun-nuts throwing a childish hissy fit; small town people are also a bunch of terrorists? WTF?!

On second thought, that last bit isn’t really surprising given CNN’s institutionalized bias against gun owners..