Fire Extinguisher Ban

Oh my. They’re banning fire extinguishers in the UK now..

Fire extinguishers may be removed from blocks of flats across Britain after they were deemed dangerous by buildings risk assessors at two blocks on the South Coast.

Many residents regard the distinctive red extinguishers as the first response to fire, giving vital time until professional firefighters arrive.

But a review of two residential blocks in Bournemouth has raised concerns that householders could delay their escape to tackle a blaze. There is also concern that the use of extinguishers by untrained people could add to the danger.

Got that? Fire extinguishers are a “danger” in the hands of “untrained people” because they might try to *gasp* protect themselves from fire. Why, someone might just get hurt while they’re, umm, trying to not get hurt!

But, yea, where have we heard something like this before? Oh. Right. From the gun-banners. First the statist bastards are all like “turn in your guns, the police are the Only Ones with enough training to use them to protect you!” And now they want to ban fire extinguishers because they think the British subjects are too stupid to pull a pin and spray a hose towards a fire.

Stick a fork in Britain. It’s done.

Or, on second thought, you might want to ask a specially trained and licensed chef to do that for you. Otherwise, you might put your eye out with the fork..